Sunday, April 08, 2012

Reclamation and Refurbishment 3

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We finished the reroofing yesterday evening and then, seeing it was dry and the forcast for the next couple of days is rain (just to coincide with the start of the hosepipe ban season), decided to give the decking a coat of protector. It was getting on and the light was fading by then, but halfway through we actually read the instructions and realised thatthe second coat had to be applied NOT MORE than 2 hours after the first (not at least 2 hours as we had interpreted it)!

Job eventually completed by the light of the fairy lights and ships lanterns out there by 9:45pm.

Glad we did it now, as it's raining again and the 12 year old timber is looking pretty good. We have to leave it for 24 hours before we can start putting things back on the timber, which is a good excuse for not doing DIY today. The house needs cleaning and my knitting is calling to me.

Happy Easter!

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