Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmassy at last

Finally - I'm starting to feel quite Christmassy now. The tree is up, I've nearly finished the Christmas gift shopping and it's nearly the end of term.
This week I am on KS2 discos duty at school. My colleague did Parents' Bingo Night, so it's only fair. There's marginally less sex and alcohol in the air on disco night, although there was one year when we found vodka in the Tizer bottles. Now all drinks are supplied by the school. You have to remember, our oldest kids are 11.

Tomorrow I will miss the Nativity dress rehearsal as I am visiting my new school to meet up with the Local Authority School Improvement Team. I'd rather be wrestling angels into tights and tying tea towels on shepherds.

We drove down to South Yorkshire today to visit my brother and his family and drop the Christmas presents off. R is two and a half now and thoroughly aware of the concept of Christmas. Great fun.

I knitted in the car driving down and coming back as J did all the driving. We overtook a Kia Sedona just before Ferrybridge and the passenger was knitting too. I should have waved my sock at her, but J had his foot down.

We're giving gifts from World Vision to a number of our friends this year. I'm making sets of homespun coasters to go with the 'blankets' we have bought via World Vision.

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