Saturday, December 01, 2007


It has been a really busy couple of weeks. Lots has been happening in terms of work and things are now decided so I can post about it.
In January I'm leaving my school for a seconded promotion to another school in town. The idea is that I go for 2 terms, but we'll see what happens when I get there. It's not going to be easy, I think. I'm feeling an uncomfortable mix of anxiety and excitement... more anxiety actually. I'm also stressed about leaving my current job. there are so many loose ends to tie up and there are only 3 weeks left. Three weeks that include all the usual things that a school does in the run up to Christmas.

Mostly I'm afraid of leaving 'home'. I've been at my current school for 7 years now.

I'm also going to need thermal vests.My new school is here:

It's almost an island and the school is separated from the North Sea by one row of houses.

So - this might come to work with me too:

It's Juliet, which has been slow knitting as it's a top-down knit in chunky yarn and weighs a lot after socks!


rho said...

changes are always stressful yet exciting - is it closer or farther from your home --

You know I will be sending good thoughts your way!

Yarn Devil said...

Juliet is looking very pretty! and yes I find things bigger than socks tend to get very heavy too!

I'm not sure if one should congratulate you on your job move or not... sounds like you are nervous... but that comes with any move from one's comfort zone work space to another unknown. It looks like a beautiful place.... but I bet the wind off the water is cool/cold.

Thanks for sharing. You can do it!

Lazylol said...

It sounds very exciting to me. You'll be fine after the first day, I'm sure. Where is that? It looks lovely and how fantastic to be surrounded by the sea!