Sunday, December 30, 2007

Memories are made of this.

Been tidying up the sidebar of the blog - I wanted to make space to keep a running record of my progress with the books in the post below. I decided to get rid of some of the buttons from the knitalongs and swaps I've been in. It felt a little sad as so many of them represented really good experiences, but they were starting to remind me of girl guide badges or those patches from places you had been on holiday that you could get to sew on your (blue, quilted, nylon) anorak when I was growing up in the 70s.

They were aspects of the 70s that I'd be happy to forget. This, however, brought back some happy memories of school discos and Top Of The Pops.

I've been playing it in the car at a loud volume and singing along. Look out for me at the next set of traffic lights - I'm the one stomping in her seat to Sweet.

Anyone remember the Aztec Bar ? It, along with so many other blasts from the past, is in here. Fab book!

We've had a bit of a 70s Christmas. All that was missing was going to my Auntie Jessie's for tea and playing Newmarket for pennies or peanuts.... (Cue swirly camera effects and Jimmy Shand Danceband LP soundtrack)

I've been sorting through my stash and have decided to cast on Cherry Bomb in pistachio merino so I can wear it over a shirt.

That's two stash-busting projects on the needles at present as I still haven't finished my Chevron Scarf, but it's coming on well.


Yarn Devil said...

Very cool your getting some stash busting done! Love the vest/tank pattern, it'll be nice when it's done! And your scarf is still coming... I think one almost needs a second project when working on a scarf to keep their sanity... but that's me because I really dislike making scarves.... LOL Your scarf is coming out very pretty.

weebug said...

i did read your post on your scarf that i sent! so glad that you like it, as it was very hard for me to give away. i loved knitting it for you!