Monday, December 10, 2007


Well, I'm counting down to Christmas, counting down the items on my to do lists at home and at work and counting down the days until I leave my job to go to my new school.
I do try not to name my school on the blog as any comments I make here are my opinion as a private citizen and are not part of my professional identity (ok, so sometimes I might want to moan about my bos...:) )
My new school is on Hartlepool Headland - home of St Hilda of Whitby while she founded the abbey.
It's also home to the Official Ancient Headland Ghost Tour, which I must do sometime and Reg Smythe, creator of legendary comedy misogynist and wife-beater, Andy Capp. Hmmm...

I've also counted down 340 test papers I've marked for a project I'm involved in...self-inflicted, shouldn't moan...but I do...


I thought, for a horrible moment at the weekend, that j was too grown up.

We had a tradition where he and I would go out to have lunch and buy our Christmas tree. This year I bought it with J as j was in bed until the early afternoon and then had to prepare for an exam today and work on a film he is making.... So, I faced the fact that he isn't a child any more and got out the decorations. The rustle of tinsel had him emerging from his room and he did this:

Not too grown up at all, it would appear. And I'm very glad.


Progress on Juliet. It seems slow, but I have to remember that this is a top-down pattern and I'm onto the lace section now so things should speed up. I'm making the longer version. All that garter stitch was a pain. Maybe I won't make Einstein after all.

(On the subject of St Hilda and her links to Whitby - have you read The Whitby Witches, by Robin Jarvis?)

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Cinders said...

Hi Gill, how are you?
you sound very busy at school.
The Juliet looks good. I've never knitted a top down jumper before. Thanks for the Einstein link to the large ladies link.
love the Xmas tree. I dont think any of us grow up when it comes to dressing trees and having fun