Monday, December 17, 2007

Mine, all mine

Arrived home to find a number of packages had arrived in the post. Not unusual at this time of year, as I do a lot of my Christmas shopping online and have it delivered to home. However, one package was actually for me today. It was my International Scarf Exchange 5 scarf from Marti in Seattle. Her blog was down earlier, but I'll try again later.

The scarf is gorgeous.

It's the Irish Hiking Scarf in Twisted. It's the softest merino yarn I've felt in a while. I love it.

Marti included some other goodies too:

Lovely lip balm, a mini-mirror, notebook, card and a really sweet needle felting kit to make a penguin. We love penguins here at casa-b.

Thank you Marti!

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Barbara-Kay said...

What a fun package! It's like having a little Christmas preview. I know you'll enjoy your scarf.