Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

...albeit slightly belatedly.

We stayed home for New Year's Eve. J was tired and under the weather so we just chilled out in our pyjamas, which was nice enough. The street was quiet so I guess others had done the same.

We're not making resolutions or saying silly things like "Let's hope next year is...." Every year brings it's ups and downs. 2008 sees me starting a new job and J continuing to improve in health. The person with the greatest number of challenges and changes this year is j. He will sit his GCSEs in the Summer and has some AS levels too, this year (1 in January, he informs me). He also becomes old enough to drive so that means getting a car that he can practice in. Our second car is a Fiat Punto that I've had from new. It's 12 years old this January and has done more than 100000 miles. It's a miracle on 4 wheels and J uses him for work. Ooops, does that 'him' give it away? I've anthropomorphised it. His name is Paolo - Paolo the Punto. Unfortunately, Paolo is a temperamental old chap and has a tricky gear box and no power steering (although he does have electric windows - he was top of the range at the time). I don't think it will be a good idea for j to practice driving in a car like this, so 2008 is the year we face retiring Paolo and getting a newer second car. Can I face it?

Work is going well on Pistachio Bomb. I've finished the front. I'm a bit anxious about the way the bottom is rolling. Hopefully, it will block out flat and stay flat.

I've made a start on the To Be Read Challenge.

I love Sam Vimes.

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Monique said...

This post on TECHknitting:

might help you see what's happening. In fewer words, it's not the garter stitch band that's curling, it's all that stockinette above the garter stitch! If seaming doesn't stop the curl, you can try her blocking methods.

Hope that helps!