Saturday, January 12, 2008

After I had given up hope

and decided that the Christmas Post Monster had eaten my package, this arrived from Canada:

It's my Coffee Swap package from Natalie in Ontario and it smells gorgeous. Mmmm...dark-roast coffee...

The gorgeous yarn is Sea Wool from Fleece Artist.

Thank you Natalie!

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blog-blethers said...

What a lovely swap parcel! The Fleece Artist yarn is stunning and can't wait to see what it becomes...

Love your Bomb too - especially in that shade. It's my favourite colour at the moment.

Sorry to hear about your hotel experience. For me, the accommodation is one of the lovely parts of attending courses out of area ... think its a 'working mum/health/pampering' thing, so absolutely feel for you. OH and I had a brilliant night in a hotel in the small town I come from. It was so awful, it became hysterically funny and the 2 of us were helpless at the end of it. The finale came when the place burned to the ground about 2 weeks after we stayed there ... and it WASN'T us, honest;)