Saturday, January 05, 2008

buggrit, millennium hand and shrimp

Terry Pratchett apparently came up with Foul Ole Ron's fantastic catchphrase by feeding a random text generating program with a Chinese takeaway menu and the lyrics to They Might be Giants' song Particle Man. Works for me.

I made it the theme for my square for an afghan (or Pratchgan) being lovingly made by the Ankh-Morpork Knitters' Guild. (Sorry, it's a ravelry link)

I've tried to make the lettering as chaotic as possible and to work within the 6 inches square and washable constraints. Does it count as a finished object? The first of 2008!

The finished article will be sent to Terry as a "we're thinking about you" gesture.


rho said...

awww that is cool -

CarrieM said...

Gil...I received your sock from the sock swap. The blues in it were stunning and the gift of the Lantern Moon DPN's?? So generous--I was so excited when I took them out, the kids thought something was wrong! I loved the cedar scent when I opened the box--did you store the yarn in a cedar chest? I love the smell of cedar when I open my chest for linens! I wore the sock around for a bit admiring it on my foot (it is the first handmade sock I have ever worn and it felt like sheer heaven on my foot--the one I have made for my partner was my first sock ever and I did not want to try it on my own foot...makes it harder to give up!) Thanks so much for the package!


Emma Gorodok said...

what a great square and I love the idea of giving a gift to Terry Pratchett. He is one of my favorites authors