Friday, January 04, 2008

Even a single hair casts its shadow

It's not on the list, but it's on my bedside table:

Who could fail to love Gok Wan?

I'm sure that, in his days as a hair stylist, he never gave any woman the experience I had this morning! It's all my own fault. I usually go to a certain hairstylist who has her own salon - well, she is the salon as she is her only stylist. I missed my last appointment through changing diaries when I changed jobs and now she's gone to Thailand for 3 weeks... To cut a long story short I decided to have an interim trim until she gets back. I booked an appointment at the place j has his hair cut. He likes it there and I always like his hair so I thought I'd be safe.


The stylist started her consultation by running through the products she would be using - just in case I wanted to buy them at the end, I guess. Then she shampooed and massaged - nice, I thought - but kept up a running commentary on the products used.
then she trimmed microscopic amounts off my hair ends and blow dried.
"Is that enough off?" I asked.
"Yes, I'll straighten it and then see if I need to thin out more."
"I don't have it straightened." (My hair is soooo straight. If it were thicker it would be orientally straight).
"I need to straighten it into shape."


Some straightening, waxing, thinning, tweaking, spraying and teasing later, I realised what she was aiming for:

I had to force myself not to start laughing - the alternative to crying.

I admired the back in the mirror, paid my money and headed for the car, stopping only to try to run my hands through my hair for a bit of diy distressing.


I have never had such rigid hair since the 1980s. It was a cold, windy day and I had to walk across an overpass bridge to get to the car in the multi-storey. Not one mm did my hair move.

Finally got home and washed it. I've managed to style it back the way I like it - windswept and interesting and with a chance of looking like I'm under 80.

A valuable lesson about the value of a well-organised diary.


Barbara-Kay said...

Ah, I was reading with trepidation, fearing she had done something it would take months to grow out. Sigh.

What an experience! Makes one appreciate the usual, eh?

rho said...

Oh I so understand I am in desperate need of a trim and need to find someone new - but my problem is my hair is so curly and lots of people suck with curly hair -- I have even had it cut shorter on one side than the other because the person had no idea what to do with it...

I am so glad it wasn't like Barbara-Kay said I was worried it would take a long time to grow out too.

Yarn Devil said...

OI, that is why one sticks to a hairdresser they like.... and yes, sometimes they are unavailable and we have to be reminded why we don't venture beyond the one we like! I think we have all been there! Just gives you an excuse to go see her when she gets back! (I had one of them "lovely" cuts just before Christmas....) Luckily hair grows!

zippiknits said...

That is so bad! I hope your stylist is back in town soon! I hate getting my hair cut. Hate it with a passion.