Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rediscovering Filey

No, not the seaside town on the Yorkshire coast. I've never actually been there, believe it or not (for all of you who are familiar with the area), although I have been to Flamborough Head.

This Filey is a sweater I started for J over 2 years ago. We bought the pattern and yarn from Bobbins in Whitby. I cast it on and then abandoned it after and inch and a half. While I was confronting the magnitude of my stash, recently, I rediscovered it. It seems like the right thing to do now is to pick it back up and finish it. Maybe that should really read start it.

Trouble is, it's a horrible experience: I hate the way the yarn makes my fingers sore; I hate the way the yarn makes my fingers blue; I hate the way my eyes struggle to see the stitches in anything other than bright daylight; I hate the fact that it will take so long to knit, particularly given J's height and the fact that it has to be knitted a third longer than the required finished length to allow for shrinkage.

I feel like I'm doing penance for something.


Deb said...

Gill, knitting is supposed to be fun, not a horrible experience. Perhaps if you traded away (or sold) this particular yarn and used another yarn for the project? I suspect that if you hate knitting it, J is not going to be that fond of wearing it. Just my humble opinion. You have enough going on in your life what with the new job, etc. don't punish yourself with your knitting.

By the way, I am making some gorgeous socks with the yarn you sent me in the coffee swap. Hope to have some pictures soon. Will let you know when I have them up on my blog.

Rowena Hopkirk said...

Knitting should not be pennance! Dearest Narcissa, give the yarn up to someone who's allergic to wool or adores it for some other reason. Knit your guy a mile-high sweater with something you love! He wouldn't want you to be miserable while making something for him, anyway. Find some lovely alpaca in a lighter shade of blue and knit the cobblestone sweater or something! Knitting is our happy place!

Cinders said...

Hi Gill, as others said you should enjoy your kniting. I have had a bad experience with cotton so am giving it a wide berth!
I've been to Filey and Flamborough head its lovely.