Thursday, January 03, 2008


We had a flurry of snow today - only light when I took these pictures of some of our more tropical plants withstanding the cold, but it got a little heavier as the day wore on.

The local media got really excited and the local new featured pictures of 'terrible driving conditions' in East Cleveland. It's all relative. I visited Calgary in Alberta, Canada one late Autumn and there's no comparison. J spent time in Nova Scotia - nope, still no comparison.
Nevertheless, just in case, BBC Tees have produced this handy 'snow survival guide'.


Grace Yaskovic said...

beautiful photos

Happy New Year Gill, I wish you only the best for the coming year

cindy said...

When we lived in more southern parts of the States, snow was an amazing event and shut everything down. Here in New England, we have had snow, snow, rain/sleet/snow and more snow and it's just routine. Our last two snowstorms gave us about 20 inches.
Have a great new year!