Saturday, January 26, 2008


Oh my! Charlotte's Web is causing me some real problems! I keep ending up out on my row count. I must be missing some yo's or something. I've frogged it THREE times now and I'm tempted to just give up. Is this the revenge of the penance sweater? Am I not supposed to be working on anything else?

I sought refuge among my stash. I was ruthless today, jettisoning all the odd balls of baby wool and dodgy acrylics and oddments I'd been keeping 'just in case'. They are now in two sacks to go to the charity shop and recycling centre. I feel so clean :)


Jennifer said...

Just a friendly visit from you Hufflepuff house prefect.

Yeah for destashing, purging yarns you aren't going to use can be very destressing. I hope you have better luck with Charlotte's Web.

Rowena Hopkirk said...

Various tips for working Charlotte:
1) Place markers after every pattern repeat (which is 8 stitches). This way, if you have a section that's supposed to have 8 stitches and it has 9 or 7, you know where the mistake is.
2) If you think you're getting to a tough row/round, use a "lifeline" before you start that row
3) Made a chart noting the number of stitches I should have at the end of each row.
4) Keep track on a piece of paper how many stitches you have at the end of a pattern row. Just count on your way back on the purl side. You will see that each pattern row (the odd numbered rows) adds 4 stitches each time. This way, if you get to the end of a row and your number is off, you immediately know that the mistake must have been in the previous row
5) Yahoo group for Charlotte: I think they may have additional help in their files section.

Good luck!!!!