Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting ready

I’m suffering a bit from one of the side effects of the pre-op diet, so I’m trying to increase my fluid intake and get more exercise. I also bought a box of these:

Movicol has been recommended by lots of people as something that will be useful after surgery too. I wonder if I can get them on prescription as I have a pre-payment certificate and these cost the best part of £12 for a box of 30.

Packing my bag today:

* 2 night dresses (sleeveless and baggy, very glam, not.)
* 1 pair pjs (elasticated waist)
* knickers and bras (not letting it all hang out a moment longer than I have to)
* toothbrush, toothpaste, dry mouth spray
* spray bottle for water
* wet wipes, face wipes, facecloth
* shower gel (will I be able to shower? I hope I’m not in long enough for it to be an issue)
* shampoo and conditioner (likewise)
* moisturiser
* lip balm
* socks, slippers, dressing gown
* towel
* book
* magazines
* phone/mp3 player
* money (small amount)
* bottled water

Have I missed anything?

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