Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nearly there

Well, I’ve made it through my last week at work before the op. People have been very supportive and I had some lovely gifts and wishes yesterday.

My only worry is that people seem to be expecting me to come back to work after the Easter holidays as a size 10. There isn’t a great deal of understanding about what a Roux-en-Y actually is and most people seem to see it as ‘a band’ or total-body liposuction that will address my weight overnight. If only!

People have noticed the weight that has disappeared during the last few weeks, particularly the seven pounds that have gone so far on the pre-op diet. I did expect to lose more so far, but seven pounds is seven pounds. I can’t complain.

I’ve been very surprised at how easy the pre-op diet has become, after a difficult weekend at the start and a psychotic episode involving an omelette (not mine, I hasten to add) at the start of the week. I could easilly go on like this a lot longer and I’m starting to get an insight into how something like anorexia can creep up on a person. I forgot to have my ‘dinner’ last night and remembered after I’d settled down to watch TV. I wasn’t hungry and actually had to force myself to eat something. Smoothies go down best.

I’m sorting things out in preparation for Monday’s admission at the moment. I’ve made a list and crossed lots of unlikely items off again. I’ve been having some problems with my phone so I bought myself a new one on the way home from work. It has a big memory so I can download lots of games apps and fill it with my iTunes collection. Even has a radio, so I think that’s me sorted for my hospital stay.

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