Friday, June 03, 2011

Sun spot

Today, I got caught out by the sun on our frozen coastline.
J and I drove down to Staithes and then out to Grosmont. Despite the factor 30, I am pink in places now. Admittedly, some of it could be wind burn!

Staithes was quiet when we got there at 10ish. We'd called into Loftus on the way, as I wanted to look in Brigantia. As I may have mentioned before, I have a real thing about Wold pottery and I wasn't disappointed today. J bought me a new mug (see below) and a beautiful swirly green bowl.

We called in at the Staithes Heritage Centre and Captain Cook Museum, which has to be one of the strangest museums you can find. It is crammed full of Staithes and Cook-related artifacts and seems totally untroubled by the bother of labelling or display conventions. They do have some lovely pieces of fishing community knitting:

We had something to eat at the Station Tavern in Grosmont and then had a look at the trains. I love the smell. It brought out a touch of nostalgia in J, but I'm not really old enough to have vivid memories of steam trains.

(Don't look now... It's behind you!)

Below: progress on my Hollyhock sweater, being knitted in reclaimed yarn from something I made that is now too big! Beside it, my lovely new Wold mug.

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