Saturday, June 04, 2011

Weekend stuff

I've had a busy day, given that I had put the day aside to do some work-stuff (most of that completed too!)

Finally managed to get a haircut today. It's still short as I'm still trying to deal with the aftermath of losing so much hair in the first year after my surgery. At least it's shiny and not red again now :)

I have reached now, I feel, a weight I'm happyish with. Actually, I'm 11lbs under my last revised target and at the lower end of the 'normal' BMI range. Full face shots like that make me feel that I'm maybe a little too thin now, which is ironic. J has asked me to stop losing weight. It's not something I'm doing wilfully any more; it's just what my body is doing. Advice has been to increase my carbs and add more things like bread, cereals, pasta and rice. Pasta and rice, I can tolerate in reasonable amounts. I like risotto a lot. Bread and cereals are trickier. I can no longer tolerate bread easilly and most cereals have far too much sugar in them for me to risk. So, I'm adding extra nuts and proteins and taking each day as it comes.

I love these crustless quiches:

There are lots of recipes around, but mine is:
4 eggs
1 tub cottage cheese
4 spring onions
a handfull of grated cheese
some chopped chives
a glug of milk
black pepper

Mix together and throw into silicone muffin cases
bake in a medium oven until set.
Cool in the cases then turn out and store in the fridge.

Good for packed lunches and breakfasts.

Finally: my new baby:

She's an Ashford Traditional. Needed a bit of tlc, which is complete now. Works beautifully. Wish I could say the same about the quality of my spinning ;)

I'll get better with practice. That said, I'm so pleased with myself!


My Heart Exposed Yarns said...

loving the new haircut Gill and your spinning is very nice I've seen much much worse as first attempts so I'd say you are well on your way with your two skeins :)

I have a team on ravelry for the tour de fleece, its a good way to put in those extra practice sessions with an excuse and prizes at the end of the couple of weeks to keep spinning :) Feel free to join in on the MHE Friends Group (link in my profile on ravelry)

Helen (myheartexposed on rav)

barmyowlscoo said...

Your yarn looks great!