Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ups and downs

Saw my surgeon for my (belated) one year post-op check up. He told me I had hit the point that they were 'concerned' about my weight and asked me to see Maureen, the dietician. She seemed ok about my food intake. I then had 9 vials of blood taken, so must have been screened for just about everything.

I told him about my plastic surgery plans for this summer and he said he would be much happier if I waited a bit until my weight had settled and I proved I could maintain a weight. He also offered to refer me for NHS tummy tuck at our next appointment in 6 months, if I can gain a little weight and keep it stable.

Today I got a copy of a letter he has sent my GP, which states "She cannot afford to lose any more weight."

I was seeing my GP today about something else anyway. I told her I think I will probably be seeing her regularly throughout the next year to address the things that are wrong with me - things I put down to being due to being fat. Now I'm no longer fat, the issues remain so I'll start to pick them off one by one

We talked about the 'too thin' issue. She agrees that, although my BMI is within the normal range, if you take the loose skin and my bone structure into consideration, at 10 stones I look a bit thin in places. I talked about my panic at being told to gain weight. After the initial funniness of the concept had passed, I had started to get really worried about regain. We have agreed that she will refer me to a psychologist for some CBT around my food issues.

Other than this, I am well and healthy. Yesterday I took my class on their summer trip to an eco-centre and we did the healthy living trail. There was a big zip wire and I spent a long time running up and down, supporting the more timid little people, before having a go myself! Then I went down the big stainless steel tube slide down the hillside! I have not been on a slide since I was a small child. I was so proud of myself. The children cheered me and one of my colleagues who has supported me through the WLS journey was in tears. Quite a special moment.

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((((((((((((( hugs )))))))))))))

massive congratulations on the slide, go you YAY!! proud of you girl :)