Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who can sleep in this heat, tonight?

My body aches and feels slightly swollen. My head is throbbing and I feel dehydrated. It's 4:47am and I've been up for an hour.
I've printed off 20 copies of j's CV, as requested, done the laundry, sorted through the freezer to see what we should eat today and tomorrow, updated all the software on my laptop and plucked my eyebrows.

I tend towards early waking as a matter of course, but it's always worse when I'm a bit stressed and the weather is warm. This is always a busy time in my line of work.

I did debate doing a bit of spinning, but I don't know yet whether I need to be relaxed to do it or whether it will help me relax.

This was waiting at home for me yesterday:

Gorgeous colours from Helen at My Heart Exposed.

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My Heart Exposed Yarns said...

cant wait to see these spun into beautiful yarn :)