Saturday, August 04, 2007

At last, some finished objects

Really hot and humid here (by North East England standards, at least) today. I feel swollen and irritable and achey :( But, on the up side, I finished blocking scarves to send off to swap partners in the swapbot Crochet/Knitted Scarf Swap.

So, if you're in Halifax, Nova Scotia and you like greens mixed with purples this will be on its way to you on Monday:

Seafoam lace stitch in Cherry Tree Hill yarn with a crocheted edging.

And if you live in Taipei, Taiwan and you like light grey-green this is coming to live with you:

It's Kidsilk Haze in Rowan's Froth pattern (second one of these I've made after swearing I would never knit a ruffle edging again!)

This evening feels a little cooler, but the sky is dark and it feels thundery. The boys are watching A Clockwork Orange downstairs and I just don't fancy it. I'm going to put my feet up and work on my Ravenclaw sock for Rowena Hopkirk. The sock is coming along nicely. I'm turning the heel and a little anxious about the yardage I'm getting from the yarn I've chosen, but won't worry too much yet. No pictures for obvious reasons.


rho said...

Ohh that first scarf in Cherry Tree Hill is just yummy!!! Lucky person. :D

Take it easy for a day or two - we are in miserable hot humid weather too -- can't wait for fall.. .

Marie-Marguerite said...

Hi Gill,

I'm Marie, aka mmmontserrat, and I'm sending to you from swap-bot~ your scarves are amazing~~ I hope I can make a gift for you that is as lovely. I shall try and accomplish it but I am awed by your prowess!

Warm Regards,

Rowena Hopkirk said...

ooooh, I'm excited! I also love the photo of your changing weather - it looks much cooler and more dramatic than hot Dallas. Hope you feel better soon!