Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some actual knitting

that I can actually show! So much of my knitting at the moment is 'secret'.
I've been working on a few small projects for me too.

Here are a pair of Fetching fingerless mittens, from Knitty summer 2006. I made them in a spare skein of Silk Garden I had left over from something else. They will be useful for holding a coffee cup outside at work in the winter (or summer, as things are going...)

Next up is half an alpaca hat. The flash has washed out all the colour - it's a pale lilac, not pink. It's my first attempt at adding beads, which was much easier than I had anticipated thanks to this tutorial on Debi's blog. I shall be using beads more often in the future.

Finally, a scarf in Handmaiden Sea Silk in the Woodland colourway. It's a simple lace pattern as so many I tried got lost in the colour changes. It doesn't look much now, but I have faith in the blocking process. A little of this yarn goes a long way.

I have joined another swap too: Harvest Sock Swap '07. Participants are asked to knit one sock and send it, with the rest of the yarn and pattern, to their partner along with some other goodies.


Rowena Hopkirk said...

Beautiful sea silk scarf! I'm also impressed that you participate in so many swaps. You seem to have a lot more energy for getting things done than I do, fibro notwithstanding!

Ravelry is amazing. I found a group for knitters dealing with depression (my own little quirk), as well as charity knitters and all sorts of other "knitting and" combinations. They should be getting new servers soon and they hope to invite the rest of the world in a few more weeks, so you won't have to wait until the week after forever after all!

Do you happen to know - what is the best way to get items to the UK? Regular mail? Some kind of mail service?

Your socks are coming along. The pretty yarn coloring is coming off on my hands a little, but I think you will still like it. It is so soft! Of course I still have things I can worry about (will they stay up with 1/1 ribbing for the cuff?), but overall I'm feeling much better. I'm leaving on Thursday for a week in San Francisco with my mom & Val, so hopefully I'll get lots of knitting done!

blog-blethers said...

Fetching is a lovely pattern and I just LOVE Noro yarn (though have slightly less affinity with the unfinished cardi I have hiding in a bag somewhere in Noro Blossom!). Noro works so well with this pattern, doesn't it? The Sea Silk scarf looks scrumptious and can't wait to see it blocked. Hope you are getting plenty of knitting time in over the holidays...

lazylol said...

You are so talented! I am only beginning to knit and it is taking me ages to knit a scarf!
I hope you don't mind but I've tagged you, don't worry if you don't want to do it though!