Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just a peek

The Hogwarts Sock Swap knitting is going well. I'm very happy with the socks I'm making. Hope Rowena agrees when she gets them! It's very frustrating not being able to show what I've done so far (I'm turning the heel of the second sock). So here's a sneak peek:

Don't think that gives anything away...

Mini Health-rant:
I saw my GP today as I want to stop taking one of the drugs I take to manage my FMS. It has done nasty things to my weight which seem impossible to reverse even with a really healthy diet and 40 minutes brisk exercise a day. My BP is elevated now too. And I have to have a full range of fasting bloods done in the morning. Aaarghhh.

Still, I'll keep going with the eating and exercise programme. I don't drink alcohol any more, I don't smoke, PLEASE don't make me give up my one latte (skinny) a day. What else is left to me? Actually - I guess I could become allergic to wool. No, surely...?

J update:
J is doing really well. It looks as though he's not going to have angina or any other after effects of his heart attack. His cholesterol is reducing, he's strong and healthy looking again. His skin is cold all the time now though as a side effect of one of his many daily drugs. He's managing to relax and not think about work. The really worrying thing is that he has developed a taste for Dickinson's Real Deal! As long as he doesn't decide to emulate the Duke himself and get an orange tan...


Barbara said...

Wow that sock yarn is gorgeous. What is it. I'm still looking for the perfect Ravenclaw sock yarn and I love this one. If you wouldn't mind sharing the brand and all I would appreciate it.

Barbara-Kay said...

Glad to hear J is doing so well. Cold all the time, eh? Sounds like a mandate to buy more wool yarn! Cast on! VBG!

Ah, Dickinson. I've seen him on TV here in the states - he seems to be a bit of a fop to American audiences. Is he popular there?

Rowena Hopkirk said...

Yes, do tell, what is that sock yarn? I just know your pal will love it! (LOL!) I am so excited I can hardly stand it. The sneak peek is beautiful!

Glad to hear that health things are improving overall. Good luck with your blood test! Have a latte afterwards! Well, ok, and breakfast too ;)

Gill said...

The sock yarn is from Bright Dyes - an etsy trader. It's really soft and knits up well.