Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sock-knitter's block

No, not an inability to move forward with my Ravenclaw socks (in fact I'm about to decrease for the toe on the second one!), but my current internal debate about whether I can justify buying a pair of wooden sock blockers.
I really want a pair of these, but also covet these.
Then I found this tutorial.

A couple of garden shots:

The white agapanthus we put in last year is flowering for the first time.

This verbena self-seeded from last year's crop. It's about 7 feet high!


Rowena Hopkirk said...

Wow! The placemat blockers look like a great idea! I've always wondered if the wooden ones would warp if I actually used them for blocking. I use plastic ones, but sometimes I wish I had another size, and I don't want to fork out more money for sock blockers.

I am so impressed at the speed with which you are knitting the Ravenclaw socks. I'm still fiddling. I'll probably decide that what works best is a perfectly plain pattern!

Turtle said...

Hi there! I got your package today, that came quick from across the sea! Love them, very adorable. Looked through your profile, many similar interests, but my teen is a girl! Thank you again ...lovely garden pic's! Tanya

Gill said...

Gald you like them Tanya. Don't know which would be more hard work and worry - a boy or a girl! :)

Ruth Fryman said...

Hi Gill,
Thanks for finding that sock blocker blog. I've bookmarked it and will be having a go really soon.
Your garden photos are beautiful. hows your hubby?