Monday, August 27, 2007


I was tagged by lazy lol, another Northern Lass.

The challeng is to tell EIGHT interesting things about me. Hmmm, eight....?

1. I love tattoos. I love to look at them on other people and have a couple myself.
This one is on my right leg and it took 12 hours to finish (in 3 sessions), during which I had to rely heavilly on my ante-natal breathing exercises. A few years ago I broke this ankle and it has never really settled back into a 'normal' shape.

I can't show you pictures of any more ;)

2. I am addicted to University Challenge, which is slightly older, even, than I am.

3. I used to spend my summer holidays taking part in archeological digs. I was attracted by the idea of all that delicate trowel work, but I am more the kind of girl who gets to wield a mattock...

4. I am frightened by spiders, heights and edges, but have a real anxiety about the idea of amputation. I run cold at the idea of trapping a limb in a door - especially a glass one - and am not very comfortable around knives. No idea where this came from. I managed quite well working in theatres as a nurse. It's the idea of it happening to me.

5. I have traced my family tree on my father's side back to 1700. Then it gets tricky as we didn't seem big on getting married...

6. Following involvement with a particular church a couple of years ago I am now confused about my faith.

7. Despite my Women's Institute sympathies now, I loved to go see punk and new wave bands when I was younger. I saw the Sex Pistols and the Clash, the Buzzcocks and many more when I was 13 and it took off from there. While I was pregnant with j, J and I went to see the Pixies. Strangely, j is a big fan of them and Frank Black now.

8. I have been knitting since I was at primary school. One of the first items I made was a yellow and white acrylic scarf. I knitted quite happily throughout the 1980s, becoming a big fan of Patricia Roberts and Kaffe Fassett. The worst thing I ever made was a beaded mohair sweater dress that I wore with thick patterned tights. I loved it.

Now to find some victims.


rho said...

I love the tat - but I want to see more :D

I love tats too but I'm haven't figured out what I want or where I want it. But I do know I want to be able to see it -

I am addicted to Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune - between 7 and 8 most weeknights that is where you will find hubster and I....

Rowena Hopkirk said...

Beautiful tattoo! I got mine when I was 21, and liked it for about 3 days, then was unhappy. You wouldn't like it either - it's a spider & a double-bladed battle axe. And when I was pregnant, all the color dissolved and the black lines spread. I'd love to have it removed, but it always seems so frivolous to spend money on it.

That's cool about how you can trace your family back! Maybe they were getting married, but didn't have official records?

lazylol said...

Glad you joined in! Great tattoo!

Chubby Chick said...

Hi! Thanks for the kind comment you left on my blog. The support of blog buddies is priceless and has really helped me to keep on track so far. Thanks again! :)