Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is it an age thing?

Mars bars were bigger, summers were longer and hotter, football boots weren't like slippers and you could hear the words in (some of the) songs...

I'm feeling my age.

The seasons seem completely out of kilter. When I was a girl we used to squash rowan berries under our feet with our brand new Clarks shoes on our way to school in September. Now the rowan berries start to appear in July. The farmers have already harvested the hay and all the golden fields are full of round haystacks. Some fields have been reploughed.

The elderberries are starting to ripen to a dark purpley black and J and I are thinking of going brambling tomorrow.

All of this belongs to Autumn, not days when it's still 25 degrees C.

Nevermind. I'll embrace the changes and enjoy the sunshine.

We went to Danby Show today. It's a hit and miss affair - sometimes glorious sunshine and sometimes flooded out. Today was sunny with just a hint of bogginess in the car park.

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