Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Not the highest waterfall in England

apparently. I thought it was, but Cautley Spout is 9 times higher.

Drove out to Teesdale today, stopping at High Force.

We live near the mouth of the River Tees, where the beach is that features so heavily in this blog, but this is up near the source of the Tees at Cow Green.

Nice walk and the waterfall is quite impressive as a result of all the rain we've had recently.

Turner painted it in 1816, when there were two less impressive falls.

We rounded off the trip by calling in at Bowes Museum, founded by the family of the late Queen Mother who was part of the Bowes-Lyon family. To be honest, the experience was decidedly underwhelming, although the scones in the cafe were nice. The collections are not particularly well-displayed or interesting. £7 entrance, £6 for students.

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audm said...

nice photos :)

went to High Force on an Open University Geology Summer School. It's the base of the Whin Sill (which you can see the top of at Low Force)