Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Windswept and interesting

It's 26 degrees outside and windy. Everything is dusty and dry feeling. The garden is suffering a bit and J is manning the hosepipes as I write. It's not even particularly sunny, just overcast and hot. I went shopping with j earlier and we turned the aircon off and had all the windows open so my hair looks like a walnut whip now, having been lashed around my head.

We've been doing our 'back to school' shopping. We're both smaller than we were and there are some bargains to be had if you're lucky.

There are some lovely colours around for Autumn: plums, purples, teals, mustard and that dark lime colour I love but never know how to describe. I've just googled it and, apparently, it's lime.

I'm reminded of Victoria plums. Lovely.

It's AS results day tomorrow. j has to go to his college to see if he got the necessary grades to register for his second year A2s. We've already got two open days lined up for universities he's considering. It all seems so early. I'm sure we didn't even apply until the spring of the year we went. Fingers crossed.

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