Sunday, August 09, 2009

Well, it looks shawlish

I've been working on my first knitted lace shawl. Unfortunately, I've been mostly working on it in the evening, while half asleep and watching TV. Good job I'm not a perfectionist. Bits have been tinked and bits have been fudged but I'm happy with the finished thing.

I'm a heretic and don't usually block finished objects 'properly'. I usually just give them a quick steam or wear them unblocked. However, I thought I would try it with this. Now, I don't have a blocking board at the moment (although I am thinking of getting some of those children's jigsaw piece mats from the Early Learning Centre so, I'm using a couple of old towels as a stop gap.

Look, nupps, points and everything:

I found the nupps really challenging, but coped by using a 2.5mm sock needle to purl through 5 stitches and then transfered them back onto my working needles.

The Malabrigo sock yarn is lovely to work with and I love the semi-solid shading. I have about 25grams left from the skein.

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Rushton said...

It is breathtakingly beautiful - even on a pink towel (which actually sets off the color quite nicely.)
At our local home center, I bought foam core home insulating panels, which covered in flannel makes a great blocking board. When you finish, the panels can be stacked and stored under the bed.