Thursday, April 05, 2007

At last, some knitting content!

Well, just a little...can you tell what it is yet?

(Moody pose, basking in the shade.) No? Oh, well. I hope to have it finished soon.

I also got this today:

I'm probably the only person in the knitting world who hasn't made a Charlotte's Web Shawl. I'm not doing it in Koigu, but in some Twinkletoes sock yarn as part of my stash-busting endeavours this year.

End of knitting content for the moment: It's been 21.5 degrees C outside today! I had the aircon on in the car! And I had to endure the heat while cleaning the upstairs of the house. My brother and his family are driving up tomorrow for a short visit so I instantly became ashamed of our accumulating dust (despite purchase of new vacuum cleaner this week...) and then the beds needed changing etc etc.

When J came home he 'pottered' outside with the kind of force and energy only he can put into pottering. Our potted bay tree had blown over earlier in the year, cracking its terracotta pot, so he repotted it into something bigger.
Crippled by my earlier exertions (pathetic, isn't it?) I just took some photos.

Lovely blue scabious - frighteningly early. (Planet's f*cked - J)

Heleborus Niger, with resident spider.

New Senetti.

The sun has brought the anenomes out into full flower.

I love the acid green of these euphorbia. It's a colour I tried to match with yarn last year, with horrible consequences...

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rho said...

I cannot believe how much warmer it is there than it is here -- they are even saying we may have snow for Easter. YIKES!!

I mean really - you are north of me by quite a bit and Geeze - you are warm and have things growing ....... not fair!

All those pieces go to the same thing? I have no idea what it could be - can't wait to find out though....

third time is a charm right - to get this past word verification.... arrgghhh