Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Spent a lovely quiet afternoon catching up with marking from the last few days at school while listening to old Knitcasts.
It made me realise that I should explore a few more knitting podcasts. These are the ones I have found so far:
Cast On
Secret Knitting
Fibre Cast

The whole podcasting business really appeals. I've thought about producing KS2 revision podcasts for our Year 6 students.

Some of my marking has been handwriting (see above). I've never been enormously concerned with adherence to a formally cursive programme - we use the Berol scheme - but as we increasingly use IT to present work I'm beginning to value handwriting as an art and as something to enjoy.

Have you seen these in supermarkets?

j has one on top of his computer and J has one in the back of his work car (alongside his disapproving frog. Most people have nodding animals, but J's frog - brought from Calgary as a gift- shakes its head...possibly expressing feelings about his driving...)

I like sock monkeys and am thinking about having a go at one myself - maybe in purple. I'll have to look for a pattern.

Spring flowers are everywhere, but are taking a bit of a beating by the recent cold snap.

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