Saturday, April 07, 2007

Our way is not soft grass

Eventually (travelling with a small child is like going on manouevres - factor in my brother and his wife and preparation for a trip out takes 3 hours....aarrgghh...) spent the afternoon at Nature's World today. It was relatively people-free when we arrived, which was surprising for a Bank Holiday weekend.

This one-winged swan became very interested in J's bread roll.

This sculpture reminded us of some we saw at the Eden Project.

J unleashed his inner child.

We walked around for 4 hours - much of it on uneven surfaces and some climbing - echoing our walk, yesterday, at Preston Park.
(WARNING: self-pitying fibro-related moaning coming up, skip ahead to avoid) For the last week I've had shooting pains up my left leg and a sort of 'sprained' feeling along the bottom of my left foot. Thought it would be kill or cure with all this walking - of course, I always hope for cure rather than the other - and I'm paying for it now.

Negligible knitting over the last two days, I'm prescribing feet up, tv, knitting and chocolate for tomorrow.

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rho said...

Great pictures as usual - how do you do that?? I suck at pictures.

on fibro - wish I had a tried and true solution for that - that is one reason I really really want to get a hot tub - so I can soak when those times hit.

Although chocolate doesn't hurt anything and knitting helps too.