Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring knitting plans

Inspired by the warmer weather I've been looking for some Spring knitting projects. I bought a brown linen dress recently

and have been thinking about a cardigan to go over it. I've ordered two patterns from White Lies Designs - the Krista Tee and Easy Lace Jacket. I think the Easy Lace might go well, but then again, I was wondering about a shrug...

...been researching them on rounder ladies and found this one, the Mia Shrug from Yarn is my Metier, which I really like. Need to think about a yarn next.

I'm supposed to be trying to get my stash down a bit, but I bought this:

It's Handmaiden Sea Silk in Woodland. At £17 for 100g I only bought one skein. It's going to be a scarf.

Proof that I am knitting something at the moment:

Sock in Opal something or other, sunning itself on J's newly refurbished "Dad's bench". (Guess it's more J's than Dad's now, but that's how it will always be in my mind)

And a close-up. This yarn feels a bit scratchy. I'm hoping it will soften and bloom a little on first wash. It's in a 3+1 rib for a little stretch and may be for j, if he likes the look of it when it's finished.

Marsh marigold looks lovely at this time of year and there's some nice lichen making a home on our Buddha at last.


Barbara-Kay said...

I think with those nice, long lines of a dress your first instinct about the cardigan might be best. Lovely, dress, by the way.

lazylol said...

Lovely pictures.
I like the shrug.

La Cabeza Grande said...

I'm so glad you stopped by, Gill! Whatever you choose to do will look lovely with that linen dress.

Love the moment of Zen avec flowering Buddha!

Karen B.