Monday, April 09, 2007

It's not all purple

We've had a productive couple of days - J has been restoring an Edwardian garden seat we got from my Dad in 1989. The legs and uprights are cast iron and the back and seat are timber. The timber had rotted and the paint flaked quite badly, probably due to the fact that it lives in our 'woodland' at the bottom of the garden. It's a lovely spot in the morning becasue the sun gets down there early and it's perfect for sitting with a cup of coffee and listening to the birds (while praying that they don't dump guano on your head from one of the big trees, which can ruin the atmosphere...)

Finished assembling those purple pieces:

Angle of photo makes the mouth look a bit odd, but it's quite sweet, used up lots of odds and ends of purple yarn and has got the whole sock monkey thing out of my system...well, maybe:

and this:

I love those adverts!

More purple - this time in the garden:

A perfect Queen of the Night tulip in bud

and another, starting to open

Tiny grape hyacinths in the rockery.

It's not all purple out there though.

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Barbara-Kay said...

What a hoot! I've got some P & G Tea, but I had no idea about their ads!

Loved your version of the ape, too!