Wednesday, April 04, 2007

To sit in the shade on a fine day,

and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment. (Jane Austen)

Weather today is beautifully sunny, but still devilishly cold. Instead of sitting in the shade, I'm going to sit inside, sew up my reknit Calmer tank and then sort some stash while I explore Listen Again to catch up with some books and plays.

Just enjoying a latte in one of J's 'builder's mugs'... (He saw them somewhere and bought a handful, as they would be 'useful for work' or for giving guys large cups of tea. As they are Cornish Blue they never actually made it to work with him, but they hold a lot of latte and enough tea for your average tradesman to find acceptable :) )... when the postman arrived, bringing this:

As I hadn't ordered a Toblerone I was keen to have a look inside:

From Purlescence, but I think I ordered the wrong sox stix size. I'll try again for a bigger size.

Went to the cinema last night - for the first time in nearly a year, can you believe? Saw Becoming Jane, with a friend, and really enjoyed it. It centres around the short period of time in Jane Austen's life when she, supposedly, fell in love with Thomas Lefroy.
I've been a fan of Austen since I was given Emma by my Mum as a girl. Mum said she could see lots of parallels between Emma and me, which I'm not sure is entirely flattering.'s likely that the movie is a work of total fiction, although this article suggests that there may be more to it than was previously thought believable.

Spring is definitely on its way:

Our camellia has never looked happier.

Every year we buy lots of hyacinth bulbs - have them in pots in the house and then plant them outside for the next year. I love these peering out from behind an ivy-covered cordyline trunk.

These anenomes are just beginning to flower. Their velvety purple petals are so beautiful.

We took a chance and planted an unlabelled, mixed bag of small bulbs around the garden last Autumn. These miniature, spikey daffoldils were a nice surprise!

Magnolia in full flower.


Barbara-Kay said...

Thanks - isn't spring grand?

rho said...

I can't believe how much further you are in spring than we are - nothing is out yet.

Thanks for the compliment on the hair -- I am getting used to it now I think ;)

does anyone get the word verification on the first try??