Thursday, April 19, 2007


Our secretary celebrates 30 years at work this week. Not 30 years work in general, but 30 years at our school. It's not usual these days and in some careers can be seen as a bad thing - stagnation and narrowing. In our business, which changes on a day-to-day, person-to-person basis I can see how it just happens. I've been here since 2000 and it doesn't seem 2 minutes ago. In my previous incarnation I changed jobs (or locations) on average every two years.

The continuity of Mrs C in her role is a real benefit to the school. Not only does she know all our children, but she knows most of their parents (many from when they were children at our school), family circumstances, family links and community connections. She's a one-woman database and years ahead of the current Information Sharing initiatives.

Cheers, Mrs C!

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rho said...

WOW I haven't done anything for 30 years other than live longer than that :D

does she by chance knit too??