Monday, April 16, 2007

Honk if You're...

a goose.

My grandad used to keep a gardening journal, recording all the things he had planted, were in flower, fruit and the daily temperature in and outside his green house. I feel that this blog is going a bit that way with my preoccupation with our increasingly bizarre weather. Nevertheless, yesterday evening J and I went for a drive out to Seal Sands. When we left home the temperature here was 22 degrees C and we had the aircon on in the car. Out at the estuary, it dropped to 15 degrees. It's interesting out there at this time of year - even for those of us who aren't twitchers. J is much better than I am at spotting the various birds in our neighbourhood, but even I can spot the Canada Geese. There are gaggles starting to build up in the areas around the wetland reserves and it is starting to look a bit like a festival - a sort of goose Glastonbury. The geese camp out for a while, sitting out their summer moult. I love to see and hear skeins of geese flying over the house, honking at each other. It's so companionable. I might come back as a goose next time.

On the kniiting front, I'm a quarter of the way up the back of Boobalicious and just itching to get onto something more colourful, but I'm resisting starting anything else until it's finished.

Back to work today. I had to load the car last night and I couldn't eat my breakfast this morning. It's really stupid. I love my job! I just like being at home more...
Would the children believe it if anyone told them that teachers get school phobia on the first day of term too?

We're interviewing for a new colleague tomorrow. I dislike being part of an interview in any role. As an interviewee I'm terrified and terrible and as an interviewer I'm secretly bored inside. How bad is that?

More signs of Spring:

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