Saturday, May 06, 2006

Blue Saturday

Little progress on the knitting front lately. Spent much of today reorganising the living room furniture to accomodate another eBay bargain. We love eBay. Bought two recling blue leather swivel chairs with beech stands and matching footstools for less than the price of a computer chair from OfficeWorld. Although we intended them for the study (along with last weekend's bargain carpet tiles - saving of £385!), when we picked them up they were less 'officey' than we had realised and J commandeered one for watching TV from - hence need for living room reshuffle.

J has been wearing this quite a bit lately:

It's a Rowan Denimknit sweater I made him a couple of years ago and, as promised, it has washed and faded beautifully, showing the cabling off well.

I think he's trying to shame me into getting on with this:

Pattern from Bobbins in Whitby. One of our favourite places (but not at the height of the tourism season!)

It is on the needles, well, it's cast on. But the yarn hurts my hands (whinge) and turns everything blue...

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Terri said...

Your garden must be a sight to behold, and I stand in awe as I do not have a green thumb. Your knitting is beautiful too. How is your shapely tee coming along? Every item the that you have posted from your knitting is looks flawless. Happy knitting, and enjoy the rest of the weekend!