Sunday, May 28, 2006

I'm glad I spent it with you

Despite the Met Office promising a cold and wet weekend, it has been warm and sunny so far. J and I have been so busy lately and so tired much of the time that we decided we needed some time out together and went to Whitby this morning - early, thinking we might get some time before it got too busy. j wouldn't come as he had places to go and people to kill...Hitman Bloodmoney has just arrived....

Half way there I began to realise that this was possibly not one of the best ideas I've had in a while. Never mind, although it was getting busy and we had to park on the west side and walk across the bridge over the Esk, it was nice to wander around, have a coffee at Sanders Yard and do some shopping.

Went to Bobbins as always and spent a while browsing among the lovely things Pam and Dick have on display.The website doesn't do them justice - I liked the old one much better :)

Bought some Giotto to send off as a gift:

This colourway reminds me of the sea, kelp and crushed shells.

Got some Opal Cotton to add to the sock yarn stash:

And some gorgeous engraved shell buttons that just won't photograph well at all.

Visited John Freeman's studio and bought another print to add to our collection. When J is in the mood for shopping, he really likes to shop! Besides, we were celebrating the end of my NPQH! Can't say too much about Friday's Final Assessment as the principle is that candidates don't tell each other what the tasks entail. Like the masons, but no pinnies.

Escaped from Whitby as it started to get really manic and called at Perry's in Sleights to see if they had any interesting plants. 'We don't have to get anything,' said J. Yeah, right ! Filled a box with aeoniums, alpines and more siberian irises.

Then home over the moors.

The plant buying is worth it, though.

These are some of last year's new aquilegias.

J grew these cerinthe from seed, now they are everywhere.

This Pieris, Forest Flame was a gift from one of J's sisters and we did think it might be a bit loud (vulgar?:)) for our borders but it seems to be working really well.

J's new baby. He bought this tree fern 'in a sale' last year and it sulked in shock all year, but this year it's coming into its own. The top fronds must reach over 3 meters.


Anonymous said...

The Giotto looks divine, I think you should keep it for yourself!!
Isn't it funny the way that you promise yourself that you won't buy more plants and next thing you know the boot of the car is full! Happens with me all the time ;)
Your Secret Pal

Terri said...

I like that Opal color, and can't wait to see how it comes out. As always, your garden is so very lovely. Happy knitting.

Cherry Trees Holiday Flats Scarborough said...

Your secret pal is right! I'm amazed you are sending it to someone else!
Bobbins is definitively a great shop and I wish to visit them more often...
Your Pieris, Forest Flame looks absolutely amazing! I've always been tempted to get one but I don't know if it would like our Yorkshire weather...
If you fancy stopping in Scarborough on your next visit to the coast, give us a ring, we a self catering accommodation.
Feel at home on holiday is my guideline!
All my best wishes, Una.