Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The bra that ate Billingham

Always in search of the perfect bra and inspired by the 'Hoist those girls!' concept from BGK I attempted to measure myself for a better bra and then ordered one online. Hmmm. There is room in each of these cups for my boobs, a change of clothing and a packed lunch. I could give up carrying a handbag and just use this. Unfortunately, my boobs sag to the bottom of these cups and leave an empty dimpled bra shell at the top. It's going back and I'm going to have to bite the bullet and go somewhere to be measured. Oh, I'm just cringeing at the thought of the whole process.

My last week of jury service. I'm in the middle of a case that has been adjourned as the prosecuting barrister is sick - literally vomitting - so back to work again this afternoon, pausing only to buy more shoes.

Only had time to skim through my post and write a couple of papers for a Governors' meeting, but it keeps the mounting panic, about things undone, at bay.

Soon be time to start panicking about Friday's NPQH assessment.

Posted my postcard for the Project Spectrum postcard swap off today. j has been trying to teach me Photoshop so I've used that. I'm more of a kinaesthetic learner when it comes to IT things. I have to have my hands on the keyboard and be doing.

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