Saturday, May 13, 2006

Project Spectrum has lift off!

While waiting to have blood taken at the phlebotomist yesterday I finally got Project Spectrum off the ground. Yea!

This is the Froth scarf kit that came free with the Rowan subscription last time. I've messed with it a little by combinging the sage green Kidsilk Haze that came in the pack with a ball of creamy beige Kidsilk Haze - I have two balls in each colour, so I could make Froth a bit longer if I don't get bored with the pattern. It also means I can use the beige, which is making the green look nicely misty, which I wouldn't normally put near my skin for fear of looking like one large beige blob! Wish I had the kind of colouring that could look expensive and sophisticated in beiges and creams.

It's going to be a quick knit (apart from all the frilling at the edges) and is definitely green! Project Spectrum anxiety is starting to abate...

...only to be replaced by JURY SERVICE anxiety. I have 2 weeks of Jury Service starting Monday (well, 9 working days, as I have my NPQH final assessment on the last day, but I'm saving that particular anxiety for next week). I've done jury service before - years ago - and must confess to having tried to get out of this session. Still, there might be opportunities for 'waiting room' knitting.

Someone posted links to a fantastic set of sources for buttons on AK. I've been drawn to these, from As Cute As A Button
and am planning to order a set.

I'm also tempted by a set of topless mermaid buttons from Blue Moon Button Art. Definitely boobalicious.

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Terri said...

The scarf looks lovely so far. Are you able to knit while on the jury?