Tuesday, May 30, 2006

England, my England

England V Hungary this evening and J is settling down in his footie watching chair. He only bothers with the internationals and I shall go and join him, while working on my second Jaywalker, in a moment.

Seem to have spent all day queueing today - queued in Post Office to post parcels, queued at recycling centre to drop off bags of stuff that emerged during Spring Cleaning Our Bedroom, queued at bakers for j's cheese straws and stotties, queued to get in the car park and then out again, queued on the phone to make a doctor's appointment.
Almost glad to get home to continue the big clean up. Sorted my wardrobe and bagged up a lot of impulse/eBay buys that weren't really working for me, shoes that don't work for me since my ankle accident and paperbacks we're never going to read again. Cleaned out so much dust I'm still blushing with the shame of it all.
Dragged j away from his online life to teach him a valuable lesson about how to change a super kingsize duvet cover. This is the view of him we usually have.

Was catching up with Toothpaste for Dinner when I found this.

Smiled as it reminds me of home sometimes, where conversation can veer from the psychology of MacBeth, to the rights and wrongs of the Iraq situation to monosyllabic grunts in a matter of seconds. Was I like that as a teen?

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