Wednesday, May 03, 2006

To make the green come out again And spread on every side

A simple pleasure: now that we're back at work again the early waking has kicked in again, so I'll have lots of time to catch up with my blog - anyway, I read that the worst thing you can do with insomnia or early wakening is to lie in bed worrying about not sleeping. So this morning I got up and made myself a latte. Caffeine is not the obvious choice for such a situation, but it certainly makes the early morning bearable. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to operate a Gaggia quietly at 4:50 am!

The Shapely Tank is coming along well. I'm halfway up the back, having finished the front. I'm very happy with the Shapeliness of it. It's much better in All Seasons Cotton than my previous attempt in Summer Tweed. I've made it a bit longer for my slightly longer middle section too.

May's Project Spectrum colour is green, which is a challenge for me as it's not a colour I gravitate towards, but joining this was about pushing my own boundaries. I was inspired by this patch of euphorbia to buy some bright lime cotton/microfibre yarn for another tank.

Unfortunately, the yarn is brighter than it seemed in the shop and feels horrible to knit with. I have tried stabbing it into submission with a new pair of Lantern Moons and knitting a couple of, admittedly very small, swatches on different sized needles, but I'm struggling to feel sympatico with this stuff.

So, cheating a little, I'm including in the start of my green month a new addition to the mountains od greenery already in and around the house these new hyacinths - I wish this was a smell-o-blog - and a wine recommendation. This week, I am mostly drinking Zontes Footsteps Verdelho, named after the small, green grapes from which it is made.

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