Monday, May 15, 2006

My day in court

My bum is numb and so is my brain. First day of jury service and mucho sitting around and not much else. I saw much more 'action' the last time I did it (in the early 80s). Was finally selected for a jury at 3pm and can't talk about it - so that makes for an interesting blog entry, doesn't it?

There's a great cross-section of the registered electorate in the jury pool. It makes for interesting people watching, especially some of the outfit choices on display. What would make a person think:'Today I'm possibly going to be sitting on a jury trying a sensitive or harrowing case. Should I wear the crop top and ripped jeans or the knee-length capris and see through top?' Hmmmmmmm....maybe it's an age thing (mine, I mean) or maybe I'm just moving from being a left of centre libral to being a nazi.

Got some work done on my first Jaywalker sock, though. Wasn't sure what to expect or to take so it was an ideal project to stick in my handbag. Ran the usual gamut of comments: 'Isn't it cheaper to buy socks?' - Yes, but that's not the point, is it?

The Shapely Tank is finally finished! I'm very pleased with it, in fact I shall make a few more. It's a really good fit with the shaping at the bottom and waist. The scoop neckline is just the right depth and the armholes don't gape.


AmyP said...

Well done on the Shapely Tank - the colour is lovely and it fits you perfectly!

Emma said...

The Shapely Tank is fab !
Nice to see you blogging. I,sadly,doubt I'll make it to Borders - Oliver's bedtime etc.
Yes,you're welcome to quote from my Blogging Against Disabilism post.


Anonymous said...

your Krista Tee is stunning on you..i have patt.and yarn for it,but had promised to finish 2 bigprojects 1st.?? i may have to fudge..want to get making it too..and i was thinking more too,in soft colors if it worked out.
thanks for sharing with us.
Joan in So.Wi.

Beatriz said...

Lovely tank...this is on my To Knit list. I'm glad to hear the armholes are designed well.

Anonymous said...

Love It !! You Look Great !!

Terri said...

This really turned out nice, and I think it fits well too. Happy knitting.