Thursday, July 13, 2006

Comfort stashing

KS1 sports day this afternoon. We had some Parents' races and one of the dads, who is known as 'Competitive Dad' stuck his egg to his spoon with chewing gum. It was wonderful to watch a class of 6 year olds leading him across the field chanting 'Cheater, cheater...' (His son included)

Had my arm sutures removed this evening. Boy, it's going to be an ugly scar. I should have known better when my doctor had to keep running around the trolley during the op as she could 'only cut in one direction'. She's a terrific woman and I have enormous faith in her, but needlework obviously isn't her thing.

I made myself feel better by calling into Boyes, which has to be the wierdest series of department stores in the world (except, perhaps for one I was in in Yugoslavia in 1977), but which has a wool department. Nothing particularly upmarket, but they've come a long way since all they sold was nylon baby wool.

I bought myself a selection of yarn to sample:

Wendy Narvik


This feels lovely and has colours that remind me a bit of Kureyon. I'll give them a go.

Oh, and some more Wendy Moiselle for a jacket for the Rubster. Colour is great - Summer Fruits.

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Anonymous said...

Oh what lovely colours and textures! Enjoy knitting with them!
Your Secret Pal