Sunday, July 02, 2006

World Cup Fever

Ages since I blogged last. Have had a bizarrely powerful (for the time of year)cold leaving me with a chest infection and a fibro flare up.

Am really unhappy to have missed Woolfest because of it, but was too feverish to go anywhere yesterday. Stayed at home and watched the footie instead. Alas! My World Cup knitting is outlasting England's life in the tournament. What a way to go!

I'm up to the straps on the second side of my Shapely Tank in tape yarn. Desperately hoping that I have enough yarn as it's not a colourway that is available anymore. I'm very keen to finish it so I can get onto Bombshell, having got the green Cotton Angora, I've bought a green suit to go with it :)

I've been trying to relax a little this weekend and gather myself for the coming week, which promises to be hectic. Monday: determining the 'vision' for the development of our Foundation Stage Unit and interviewing for new lunchtime supervisors; Tuesday: interviews for leadership team positions; Wednesday: Conference in morning, Storyteller visiting to do workshops in afternoon and Bedtime Stories evening session; Thursday: having a melanoma removed from my arm, but trying not to think about that, meeting with artist who will be painting murals for Summer School, then the dentist; Friday: nervous breakdown, probably. Roll on.

Garden shots from this morning's attempt at quiet time.

Need to ask J what this lovely blue daisy-ish thing is.

I love Sea Holly - we have lots of different shades.

The Marguerittes love the hot weather.

I'm in a daisy kind of mood today - is this mace?


Anonymous said...

I love Daisies too, I have a few different varieties in my garden. Love the blue ones!
Sorry to hear you havent been well, and good luck on Thursday...I'm sure it will go fine ☺
Your secret pal

Anonymous said...

Hi Gill

Hope all went well on Thursday with the melanoma removal. Hope you are feeling well.
I made a trip to the post office this morning so keep an eye out ;0)

Anonymous said...

OOooppps, that was me, your Secret Pal

LornaJay said...

Might be feverfew?

Gill said...

I think you're right Lorna. Might have some interesting uses. I think I've read about it in the Brother Cadfael books.