Wednesday, July 26, 2006


It's all a bit sad really. I don't see much TV (I know everyone says that, but it's true), but I really like Tuesday evenings on BBC2. University Challenge followed by Excuse My French and then Grumpy Old Holidays. I find myself identifying with so much they said about the whole holiday experience.

As a Brit, I am never happy with the weather, I know. However, I am not coping with the heat very well at the moment. I feel (more) bloated and achy (than usual). This morning was promising as a cool breeze and the possibility of thunder and rain lurked over Teesside. Wasn't to be, though and the afternoon was blistering again. There are no fans to be had in any of the shops. I had thought I would get a new one for the study, but no chance.

After sorting a mountain of household paperwork and getting j to help me get rid of the ugliest (brown formica)filing cabinet you have ever seen I closed the curtains, put my swollen feet up and watched a succession of Treasure Bargain Hunt in the Sun/Attic type shows on TV. I love them, but I can see that it is possible to overdose on them during the day.

Wasn't sitting idle-handed, though. Caught up with frogging the gargantuan San Fran Shirttails and reknit in the right size. Back to where I was before I spotted the sizing error.

Had to water the garden (thank God for Kielder Water, so no hosepipe bans here!)as the forcast rain didn't appear. All the mediterranean plants are loving it, but some things are suffering a bit.

The morning glories start to wilt a bit by noon, but the ice plants are right at home.


J is taking a rare long weekend. Our plans include:

- Fossil hunting at Sandsend and lunch at the Ship in Saltburn on Thursday

- Gateshead Summer Flower Show, on Friday.

- Chester-le-Street Postcard fair on Saturday

- a family barbecue at J's youngest sister's home as J's favourite nephew is home on leave from the Navy before his ship heads off for Sierra Leone.

It's so different from what we used to define as a good time :) I know what's happened. I've turned into a Grumpy Old Woman - and I'm happy.

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