Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This sporting life

Well, KS2 Sportsday passed without too many hitches and was one of those events that enable me to thoroughly enjoy being part of a large community. The sunshine helped raise everyone's spirits, but did mean that I was covered in Factor 30, long sleeves and a sunhat, given recent events on the skin front. Let's hope Episode 2 (KS1, tomorrow) and Episode 3 (Foundation Stage, on Friday) go just as well.

I cast on for Bombshell last night but it was late and I was tired so I didn't get much done. I haven't used Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora before, but I think I'm going to like it, it has a nice handle to it. What I am enjoying, and the pictures don't do it justice, is the colour mix of the dusty green yarn and the greens and purples in the stitch markers my Secret Pal sent me. It's an aesthetic pleasure in a way that the beige blob wasn't.

I didn't get cast on until late because I was late home last night from j's school's Parent's Evening. I am, apparently, the parent of an evil genius who 'can't be arsed' most of the time (his science teacher has a charming frankness), because he scores so highly without trying. Spent much of the eveing having a metaphor-laden conversation with the little chap about ticking boxes, meeting targets and jumping through hoops, flipping one's flippers in a Shamu-like manner. j does not see the point of all this as he can see clear ways to swim around the hoops...

I knew all of this anyway. I am constantly biting my tongue to avoid trigger phrases as used by my parents. The mere sound of 'buckle down' makes me shudder to this day, but I nearly used it last night. Am becoming my mother.

My waiting room knitting this past week has been a simple sock in Opal Cotton (?Madras). It was going to be patterned but I like the colours so much and have a pair of chestnut leather mules that will work well with them, so I'm sticking to plain vanilla stocking stitch.

Chilean flame creeper is flowering. It's a lovely bright spot under the yew tree. I didn't think it would thrive there, but J doesn't believe in plant labels any more than he believes in the laws of physics and it works for him.

I love the foliage of some of the cannas as much as the flowers.

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