Saturday, July 29, 2006

Holidays at home

Posting a picture of this new skein of trial run Opal I bought on eBay - mostly to remind myself that this blog is supposed to have a knitting theme. I've been working on the San Fran Shirttail, but the progress, although good, is not that photogenic. When I get the whole front finished I'll post it.

The last couple of days have been like a short holiday for us, as J is taking a long weekend and we've been out and about a bit. Nice to recharge the batteries together as a couple and as a family for a change. J and I don't get enough time together to do things other than the usual household stuff and j is increasingly doing his own thing so it's nice when we have family time.

Yesterday we went up to Gateshead to the Garden Show. The day was very hot and the road into the show was very dusty, consequently the organisers had laid on a tractor with a water bowser to dampen down the dust. Unfortunately, the operator switched the water spray on as we were right behind it. We had the car valeted on Friday and now it's covered in dirt water marks - J had the window down too.
Good start.
Gets better!
As we walked over the pedestrian bridge from the car park, some stupid old man behind us made a comment about my bottom and the amplitude thereof. It wasn't a 'hate' remark - just the nasty-disguised-as-jokey kind of thing that the elderly seem to feel they are entitled to let fly. I thought J was going to flatten him - called him an a@*%hole... and gave him the evil eye in the queue for the following 10 minutes.

Things picked up from thereon, though :) We bought some nice, interesting plants, some cyclamen corms as big as teaplates and some nice ceramic frogs to put in the garden. I draw the line at gnomes, but I do like frogs.

We also found the lady who made our beaded lizard and bought some more, and some beaded ladybirds.

Caught a good band playing at the show too - The Real Macaws - South American jazz sound and lots of brass. Really enjoyed them, sitting in the sun and drinking coffee we could almost have been in Havanna, if it hadn't been for the cows in the farm marquee mooing.

Garden shots - I've been trying to catch some of the wildlife in the garden with the camera.

I'm just in love with echinaceas! The colours and shapes are so beautiful and eye-catching.

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