Monday, July 31, 2006

Into each life some rain must fall...

...thank goodness, and a good amount it has been too. We can almost hear the gardens sighing 'Thank you.'
I'm quite happy too, the sunshine is nice, but it's been hard on the fibro and I've been inside much of the time. However, it has given me chance to work on this:

Have just finished scrubbing undercoat from my body. It got in places you wouldn't believe! I'm giving the bathroom a make-over. Have you noticed how no-one paints any more, they do make-overs? This is a big challenge for me, as the wife of a man who has an interior decorating business. I'm not usually encouraged (allowed) to do-it-myself, but I'm only undercoating the bath panels and the wash basin unit. To be honest, I'm not loving it, but having started, I'm committed. It all started with a length of new curtain fabric and the realisation that too much brown can be a bad thing in a small bathroom. I'm going back to lavender and cream.
Tomorrow, the top coat...
I picked up three Mabel Lucy Attwell postcards at the postcard fair at the weekend. I love her drawings and have quite a few of her war years cards already. One of the things that particularly attracts me, and what drew me to the 60s/70s cards on the left and right, is her incidental inclusion of knitting. I believe she was a knitter herself as the details are always accurate. Look at the neck stitches being held on dpns on the card on the left. Only a knitter would bother with detail like that.


Rowan strike again. The magazine arrived today and I was immediately captivated by all the patchwork gypsy skirts and scarves. Reminds me of a very happy fashion period in my youth (wistful sigh). But then the knitting came into focus... make sure you don't miss the aran tabbard...

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