Sunday, July 23, 2006

School's Out ! (I know, I know, but I just had to...)

Yayy!!! Term finished on Thursday evening. School's a really chilled place when the children aren't in :) There was a nice buzz of relaxed teachers, getting on with all those things that can be done when we're closed, on Friday.
Another couple of days and I'll be ready to make big inroads in my 'to knit', 'to read', 'to sew' and 'to watch' piles. Not to mention the 'to visit' list.

On the needles currently:

Bombshell. Making slow progress on this as every round is 250 stitches at the moment and I'm just approaching another increase. I know that knitting it all in one means that when I reach the bottom, I'll be done, but it's a long way round.

Swatching for reworking of San Francisco Shirttails. This time in All Seasons Cotton. Colour is an inky marl and the weight is better than my last attempt. Looks promising.
I have decided to make the frogged beige cotton from my previous effort into a bath mat, inspired by Mason Dixon Knitting.
Actually, I'm very taken by the log cabin blankets and the contemporary twists on those in the book. I'm also planning to make some felted boxes for my new classroom. Hope my new class-share colleague is into folkart :)

We've had J's middle sister and her family here for a couple of days and have been basking in their enthusiasm for our garden. J laid their garden out for them when they moved to their house some years ago and it's nice, but traditional - border and grass and so on. His sister is all for moving more towards J's direction, but her her husband is terrified! 'I don't like plants, I like flowers', he said. Hmmm.

The garden is full of drowsy, nectar drunken bees at the moment. Click on this picture to get a bigger version showing a bee who has been clearly rolling in the stuff.

We have lots of hover flies too.

We bought two new echinaceas from Eggleston Hall a couple of weeks ago; they have settled in well and are flowering. J has added quite a few 'hot' toned plants to this border, which really suits the weather at the moment.

Red maize.

Crocosmia Lucifer

and (a slightly out of focus)Calla Lily.


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